From taps to shutters, a few tricks for immediate cleaning

Cleaning the fixtures and polishing the taps at home are activities that require time and effort, especially when you encounter the most stubborn dirt, the one that lurks between the shutters. Don’t worry: we will reveal some tricks for quick cleaning in a few gestures.

With this small guide we will help you to develop a cleaning routine combining natural products and detergents with some practical and effective tips.

The tools you need are: water, a microfibre cloth, a sponge, washing up liquid, white vinegar and a roll of kitchen paper.

How to clean the shutters with a towel and kitchen paper

1. Dilute a few drops of washing up liquid in a large bucket of hot water;

2. Dust then clean the shutters with a microfibre cloth soaked in the solution;

3. Remove the most stubborn dirt passing the cloth also in the hidden corners;

4. Rinse with clean warm water, making curvilinear or circular movements;

5. Repeat the operation multiple times, turning the cloth so as to not add dirt on the shutters;

6. Dry the shutters with one or more paper sheets, carefully smoothing the surface.

Our tip is: the washing of the shutters has to be done monthly. Moreover, if the material of the shutters is wood, a very delicate material, we advise you to carefully choose the detergent to be adopted preferring the use of non-invasive specific products for wood.

How to clean taps with a sponge and kitchen paper

1. Boil the white vinegar in a saucepan: white vinegar is a natural compound perfect for removing limescale;

2. Rub the vinegar on the taps using a sponge and possibly with the help of a toothbrush in the most difficult to reach points;

3. Rinse with plenty of water and repeat the operation;

4. Polish the surface thoroughly with a few sheets of kitchen paper until you get the desired shine.

Out tip is: to make a stainless steel or copper tap shine, you can also use Coca Cola, a drink that hides unexpected properties for cleaning the house. Just spray a few drops around the tap and rinse with plenty of warm water to check its effectiveness.

Finally, don’t forget lemon: its acidity is suitable for cleaning the sink and for removing limescale in a natural and ecological way. As well as baking soda, a powerful descaler that can also be used to clean the washing machine.

There are no more secrets on cleaning shutters and taps: take advantage of our tips to make your home even more beautiful and sparkling.

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