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More than
just paper

At Regina, we may be in the business of making paper. But our real mission is greater.

We make paper for a world that changes quickly, and for people who keep up the pace. We make paper for people who believe in a greener future, and know we’ll get there together.
Paper with reliable cleaning, absorbing power, for little spills and big messes.

For cleaner, healthier homes, every day.

Because that’s what’s truly inside every sheet of our paper: a commitment to making your life that little bit easier.

We make paper for you. So you can make more of the moments that matter.


Clean Living
For people, for our homes, and for our planet

“Clean Living” is the principle that inspires our work. Our products are created to meet the hygiene needs of families and the cleanliness of homes. Every day, we seek advanced and sustainable solutions, guiding our choices with respect for people and the planet. This is where Sofidel’s commitment to building a better world begins: a more equitable and sustainable one.
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Regina, for over 30 years in the homes and hearts of consumers.

We’ve been a family business for over 30 years. And thanks to the strength, softness and absorbency of our products, Regina is still at the heart of homes across the UK and Europe today.

Committed to innovation

We’ve been making the world’s favourite paper products since the early 90s. And it’s our spirit of innovation and invention that keeps driving us forward.

Above all, we have a reputation for exceptional quality. So whether you’re spring cleaning with our super-strong, super-sized Regina Blitz, mopping up messes with the ultra-absorbent Regina XXL Absorb, or stocking up on our Seriously Soft toilet tissue, you can always rely on Regina.

How we’re
our planet

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