Flawless mirrors and glass: our tips to follow

Goodbye dirty rags, welcome kitchen paper: a simple sheet of kitchen paper is enough to give splendor and brilliance to the windows or mirrors in the house.

Cleaning the windows is often one of the most tiring and boring activities, but just moisten a sheet of paper with a little detergent to remove the dirt accumulated over the months and avoid the streaks usually left by the rag.

How to clean the mirrors with kitchen paper

1. Grab a sheet of kitchen paper and moisten the mirror with a few drops of spray glass detergent;

2. Start cleaning the mirror, making rotational movements, until the sheet is totally black;

3. Repeat the operation with a clean sheet, thoroughly polishing the corners and ends of the mirror;

4. You’ll get a shiny, streak-free mirror in a few minutes.

A tip: for greater shine, moisten a sheet of paper with a few drops of vegetable oil. After letting it act on the mirror, remove the patina with a clean sheet of paper, degreasing the surface with a few drops of white vinegar and wiping again with a sheet of paper.

How to clean window panes with kitchen paper

1. Mix 100 ml of vinegar in half a liter of hot water;

2. Pour the mixture into a spray container;

3. Dust the window panes with an antistatic cloth or with a sheet of kitchen paper;

4. Spray the mixture directly on the glass to be cleaned;

5. Clean the window panes with kitchen paper until the sheet begins to get completely dirty;

6. Repeat the operation with more sheets of paper if necessary;

7. You will get a clean and shiny glass.

A tip: to best degrease the glass and make it brighter, we advise you to cut a potato in half and rub it on the glass using the smoothest part, then rinse with plenty of hot water.

Finally, remember not to clean the windows when there is too much sun: the heat tends to dry the windows too quickly and therefore the detergent does not have time to act on the surface.

Regina Blitz, the kitchen paper ideal for cleaning glass: fast and effective, with no lint. Above all it’s convenient: with the kitchen paper it will no longer be necessary to wash the rags, often habitat of bacteria and dirt caused by their frequent reuse.

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