Bathroom cleaning hacks everyone should know

We know cleaning the bathroom isn’t everyone’s favourite activity. That’s why we’ve put together our top bathroom cleaning hacks that make it quicker, easier and more eco-friendly too!

For a shiny shower
To get rid of limescale and watermarks in your shower, fill an empty spray bottle with half water and half vinegar. Spray all over the screen and the tiles and leave for 20 minutes before wiping off with a wet sponge. Finish with a sheet of Regina Blitz to dry and polish to a shine.

Get rid of limescale on taps
Spray a sheet of Regina Blitz with white vinegar and roll it up. Wrap this round the base of your taps and leave for 15 minutes to dissolve any limescale build-up. You can also do this on the spouts by pushing on half a lemon and leaving for around 15 minutes.

Descale your shower head
Prepare a bowl of equal parts water and white vinegar, then allow your shower head to soak in this overnight. In the morning, all limescale should be gone! If you can’t remove your shower head, you can fill a freezer bag and tie the handles together round the top.

Unblock the drain and clean the toilet
Did you know you can use bicarbonate of soda and white vinegar to unblock your sink? Pour a small cup of bicarbonate of soda down the drain, followed by the same amount of white vinegar. Boil the kettle then pour the boiling water down the drain. You can also do this to clean your toilet, so there’s no need for bleach made from harsh chemicals.

Freshen up the bin
To get rid of foul smells in your bathroom bin, sprinkle some bicarbonate of soda at the bottom and leave overnight to absorb any odours.

Cleaning the bathtub
Sprinkle half a grapefruit or lemon with salt and use this to clean the tub. This will help cut through any grime. Once done, simply rinse the bath with hot water to leave your bathroom smelling heavenly.

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