Global Wind Day

Every year Wind Europe and the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) celebrate the successful growth of the industry by reflecting on the importance of wind energy. Every year, Global Wind Day falls on the 15th June, so let’s take a moment and look at the power of wind turbines and the benefits they can bring to our energy systems, economy and environment.

When all has began

Dating back to 1887, the Scottish engineer, James Blyth, was the first person to build a wind turbine. Since then, the wind turbine industry has grown significantly, particularly within the UK as it’s now the largest generator of renewable energy.

With over one million people employed within the wind energy sector, it has become the main source of generated electricty in Europe and, according to Giles Dickson, the CEO of WindEurope, wind energy is also now the most economical form of electricty production across most of Europe.

Why Global Wind Day is so important

In the run up to Global Wind Day, Wind Europe and GWEC are using a ‘Spread the Word’ initiative to encourage people to share free banners and posters to educate people on the importance of wind energy and to take part in the wind energy success story.

They have also launched a global photo competition, ‘Future Wind’, where you can submit photos which fall into one of four categories: people and wind, working in the wind, beautiful wind and beyond wind. The participants will be judged on creativity, content, composition and technique and the winning competitor will win €1,000 in cash!

To get involved in this year’s Global Wind Day visit where you can download your free official posters or submit a photo for the Future Wind competition.

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