Can I recycle it? Our quick guide to recycling

Do you find yourself standing by the recycling bins wondering what to put in? Recycling can be confusing. Paper, for example, is a valuable recyclable material but only when it’s clean. We’ve compiled a list of 15 items that you might not know whether or not to recycle.

15 questionable items:

1. Cotton pads and any other hygiene/sanitary products are not recyclable.

2. Baking paper and any other stained or greased paper is not recyclable.

3. Nail polish and make-up is not recyclable.

4. X-ray sheets are not recyclable.

5. Pizza boxes are not recyclable.

6. Magazines, brochures and catalogues are recyclable.

7. Plastic straws are not recyclable. However, paper straws are a great recyclable alternative.

8. Sales receipts are not recyclable.

9. Plastic gloves are only recycled in designated collections.

10. Most light bulbs are not recyclable.

11. Scotch tape is not recyclable.

12. Cigarette butts are widely recycled in the UK. Simply bin them in the dedicated TerraCycle’s waste mail-in boxes.

13. Milk and juice cartons are recyclable, although some cities might have a separate collection for them.

14. Sticky notes are not recyclable.

15. Envelopes, even those with a window, are recyclable.

Each city council has their own recycling guides, so always double check on their website if you are unsure or put your postcode into.

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