Hygienic or not?

Many of us have daily hygiene habits, at home and in public places, that we believe are protecting us from the spreading of germs and bacteria but it could be time to think again!

Is it really necessary to bath or shower every day?

According to The Telegraph, fashion guru, Vivienne Westwood rarely showers every day and just has a cursory wash in the morning. Similarly, The Independent reports that writer and doctor, James Hamblin, only rinses in the shower after the gym or on a particularly hot day, preferring to let his skin’s ecosystem do the hard work instead.

Even if you’ve decided to follow suit and shower less regularly, it’s essential to keep up the habit of cleaning your teeth. Research carried out by the British Heart Foundation has shown that there is a link between gum disease and an increased risk of heart disease so it’s recommended that teeth are cleaned at least three times a day. Start as soon as you wake up, before breakfast to clear any bacteria formed on the surface of the teeth during the night.

And what about drying your hands in public toilet facilities? Fortunately the cloth towels on a roll on the wall are a thing of the past!

But there is ongoing debate as to whether it is more hygienic to use a jet dryer or a paper towel as hot air dryers can encourage bacteria to multiply and also disperse them far and wide. Whatever the answer, washing hands regularly and thoroughly is a must!

For years it was customary to carry a hankie and certainly our grannies wouldn’t leave the house without one. However, to avoid the spread of bacteria the World Health Organisation now advises that the use of cloth handkerchiefs should be avoided and that paper tissues should be used and then disposed of immediately. And why not use Regina kitchen roll instead of a reusable cloth in the kitchen? Another sure way to keep the spreading of germs at bay.

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