How do I stay germ-free when travelling?

We are all cautiously grateful that lockdown measures are easing.

As shops and businesses reopen and air travel resumes, many are understandably worried by the increased risk of contracting infection caused by rising contact with others when travelling.

Government advice is to work from home where possible, to shop locally and less frequently, and to avoid peak rush hour travel including mandatory face coverings and social distancing.

How safe is it to travel on public transport? How can you keep yourself germ-free whilst at your destination?

Here are our top 5 tips to keep you and your family germ-free whilst travelling close to home.

1. Consider all other forms of transport before taking public transport including cycling or walking

2. Where this isn’t possible, try to travel off peak, stay the recommended distance apart from others and wait for other passengers to get off before boarding

3. Always carry Regina Skin tissues and cover your mouth and nose for coughs and sneezes and dispose of the tissue in the rubbish. Thanks to its super slim handy package our handy packs are easy to pop in your bag to have at the ready

4. Carry hand sanitiser, and wash your hands with soap for more than 20 seconds as soon as you can after travelling

5. Avoid touching your face as infection spreads though contact

Up, up and away

Some governments are introducing “air bridges” or “travel corridors” between countries with a low infection risk.

How safe is it to get on a plane? What are the chances of contracting infection?

High performance air filtration systems on planes aim to eliminate airborne diseases. However, this point is disputed amongst scientists, some of whom believe that varying factors such as the state of a person’s infection, and the potential extended suspension of droplets in the air could mean a plane filtration system might not kill a virus before it gets to you. There is also the risk of infection in the airport itself due to high contact surface to traffic ratios.

Stay safe everyone.

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