How to store food longer: 5 easy tricks

How many times has it happened to you to leave for a long weekend and be afraid to find your fresh food, perhaps bought a few days earlier, rotten when you come back? Follow our tips to preserve vegetables, bread and other foods longer and you won’t have to worry anymore!
Moreover these tips also help the environment: the less food we throw away the more we meet sustainable consumption, which contrasts waste and its consequences. Obviously this has positive effects on our quality of life, as well as helping us save some money.

5 easy tricks to preserve food longer:

  • Salad: to preserve salad longer there are many methods. Among the most effective ones, there’s that of preserving it already washed, immersing it in a basin with a teaspoon of baking soda. This operation has to be repeated a few times, changing the water, then the salad must be rinsed and dried with a kitchen towel. The final phase is fundamental: to absorb excess humidity the salad has to be wrapped into a sheet of kitchen paper and placed into the special drawer of the refrigerator dedicated to vegetables.
  • Bread: to store bread for longer you must divide it between bread to be eaten immediately and bread to be eaten in the following days. In the first case, just store it in its paper bag inside a plastic bag in a cool, well ventilated place away from heat sources. In the second case, we recommend that you keep the extra bread you bought in the freezer, in order to defrost it and consume it in the following days.
  • Bananas: to store the bananas longer there is a very simple but very effective way. The trick is to wrap their stem with some food film, so as to slow down the leakage of ethylene, a gas that is produced during the maturation process. With this method, the bananas will mature more slowly and you will be able to eat them in 4 or 5 days. However, remember not to store them near apples or kiwis, otherwise they will mature more quickly!
  • Tomatoes, potatoes, garlic and onions: to preserve these products longer, it’s better to store them outside the fridge, removing them from the plastic packaging. A paper bag with holes is enough to store tomatoes, potatoes, garlic and onions away from sunlight and at room temperature. If you follow this trick, they will turn out even tastier!
  • Lemons: to keep lemons longer, we recommend using vacuum-sealed plastic bags with an airtight seal and placing them on the medium shelves of your fridge. In case you have already cut a lemon, just cover it with transparent film so that it doesn’t lose too much water and in doing so you will slow down the oxidation process.

With these little tricks, to be followed every time you go home with the shopping, you will be able to extend the life of your fresh foods and therefore avoid unpleasant surprises: not bad, right?

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