Creative ideas for turning napkins into works of art

Appearance matters too: for a more beautiful dining table there are many creations that can be made with a few simple gestures.

From the art of origami to home decorations: some tips for transforming a simple napkin into a unique decorative object to be displayed as a centerpiece or as a seat marker.

Here are our tips for folding the napkin, in fabric or paper, in a nice and elegant way depending on the occasion.

How to fold the napkin in the shape of a pocket (for cutlery)

1. Choose a square napkin and spread it out on a flat surface;

2. Fold it in half twice, so that you get another square;

3. Grab one end and fold it towards the center, forming a triangle with the diagonal of the square;

4. Turn the square over and you will get a practical pocket;

5. Put the cutlery in the pocket and place your creation next to the plate.

How to fold the napkin in the shape of a heart

1. Choose a red napkin and arrange it on a plane;

2. Join the lower side with the upper one, folding the napkin in half;

3. Fold it up again to obtain a rectangle;

4. Take the left half and bring it upwards, do the same with the right one;

5. Fold the four corners pointing upwards inwards;

6. You will get a soft heart to decorate a plate or embellish the table.

How to fold the napkin in the shape of a heart

1. Choose a pink, light blue or yellow napkin and arrange it on a surface;

2. Begin to bend one corner, making it coincide with the opposite one and creating a triangle;

3. Overlap the other two corners to create a smaller triangle;

4. Keeping the base towards you, grab the left corner and fold it upwards so that it exceeds the right side of the triangle;

5. Fold it back on itself and repeat the operation starting from the right corner;

6. You will get a beautiful flower, in the shape of a calla, to decorate the table.

How to fold the napkin into a fan shape

1. Choose a square and coloured napkin, with the corner facing you;

2. Fold it in half, diagonally, and let the tip of the napkin touch the left corner, do the same for the right one;

3. Turn the napkin over and perform the same operation, but this time join the bottom corner with the top one. Once you have a triangle, lift the center of the napkin upwards and join the ends;

4. You will get a beautiful fan to decorate the table.

As you have seen, folding napkins at the table in an original way is easy and fun: the only limit is your imagination.

Take inspiration from our ideas to indulge yourself and give a touch of class to your home, to celebrate a birthday or simply to surprise your guests.

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