Filtering broths, liquers and other liquids: with kitchen paper it’s possible!

Kitchen paper can have many uses. Not only drying the hobs and keeping the house cleaner: a sheet of kitchen paper is a valid alternative to pour drinks or liquids or to release them from grease or heavier substances they contain.

An example is the meat broth, an excellent dish for a lunch or dinner in the company of friends or family, but which is usually a bit greasy. A trick to lighten the broth is to create a cone-shaped paper filter, to use it as a strainer separating the solid part from the liquid part. Here’s how to do it:

1. Place one or more sheets of kitchen paper on an empty container. The container must be large and capacious enough to accommodate all the contents of the broth you have prepared;

2. Pour the broth, still hot, on the paper filter, being very careful not to make it fall inside: in this way, the heavier substances such as oil and excess grease will remain on the surface making your broth lighter, more pleasant and easier to digest.

A tip: if you don’t consume it immediately, you can keep your broth in the refrigerator and consume it in the following days, accompanying it with a second course based on grilled meat or vegetables.

If you are preparing a fish-based dish, know that kitchen paper can be useful for filtering the water of mussels, or clams, which often conceal some pieces of shell. Use one or two sheets of absorbent paper to filter the water before serving the mussels and consuming them alone or before adding them to the pasta (for example, when preparing a plate of spaghetti with seafood).

You can also use kitchen paper to filter homemade liqueurs. This is a fairly simple operation and it will allow you to obtain clearer, velvety and delicate liqueurs. Follow our advice step by step:

1. Take a sheet of absorbent paper and cut out a square of 20 cm per side, fold it in two crosswise and you will obtain a triangle which you have to fold again: you have created a perfect funnel to filter liqueurs;

2. Place the paper funnel inside the neck of the bottle you want to fill, then pour all your liqueur slowly, repeating the operation several times without spilling even a drop. We advise you to wait at least 24 hours from the preparation of the liquer, so as to make the product settle and rest;

3. Close the bottle with the cork and keep it in a cool and dry place, away from heat sources and possibly in the dark. You can enjoy it at the end of a meal, as an excellent digestive or for a unique moment of conviviality.

This technique will make drinks, broths, soups and more pleasant. The cone-shaped paper filters are ideal for filtering and clarifying, for example, lemonades, citrus juices or herbal teas, infusions or tea.

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