Blitz Giant

Regina - Paper for People

Live life larger with extra-long Regina Blitz Giant Household Towel. With it’s all purpose sheet size, Regina Blitz Giant With triple-strength cleaning power, Blitz Giant busts spills, splashes, muck and grime – indoors and out. With compact sheets to efficiently tackle even the messiest jobs with minimum waste. Bigger the roll, bigger the fun!

Product Features

  • Regina - Paper for People
    3 ply sheets
  • Regina - Paper for People
    Made from pure cellulose
  • Regina - Paper for People
    Regina Blitz Giant is produced from FSC® certified raw materials, obtained from responsibly managed forests and controlled sources.
  • Regina - Paper for People
    Packaged in recyclable paper
Regina - Paper for People

Available In

1 roll
Regina - Paper for People

Working together

for a greener future
Regina - Paper for People

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