One glass jar – so many uses!

Glass jars are traditionally used to store and preserve foods as they help maintain flavour and can be kept for a long time if airtight. But once the contents have been consumed, the glass jar doesn’t have to head straight for the recycling – why not try one of these alternative uses instead? 

To organise beauty products in the bathroom, place a small jar inside a larger jar, leaving a gap in between the jars to stand up your cotton buds and a place for cotton pads in the middle. You can also decorate the jars around the neck with ribbon to colour coordinate with your room.

Store make-up brushes, eye pencils and mascaras in one easy place or use a glass jar to keep pens and pencils handy on your desk.

Use a glass jar as a candle holder for a citronella candle which can be hung outside to keep the bugs away in the summer. For the winter months the glass jars can be decorated for Halloween or Christmas and hold tea lights for an easy and cheap way to decorate the house.

And, of course, you can still use your glass jars for prepping and storing food such as delicious overnight oats or layered salads.

With the use and disposal of plastics a hot topic right now, using and reusing your glass jars can only be a good thing!