Never more furniture horrors!

To give a breath of fresh air to the house is a desire that catches us off guard, and more or less frequently. Sometimes it's because we stumble into that tent that we promise to change for months, or years. Still others is the house of a friend to give us a creative idea, because she managed to get a new living room just by removing that old carpet and changing a piece of furniture that did not even seem to notice before.

Impatience, haste, sometimes fashion, and a bit of laziness are the obstacles to overcome, so we have prepared a small guide to avoid errors of furniture that oppress the domestic environment, plus some advice to finally have a home that reflects you, that is practical in your daily life and above all that you like it! Pay attention to lighting, especially in winter when natural light is scarce. The windows (unless you live in a house with very large windows or glass walls) let in little light and the unique lighting, with only one light from the ceiling, oppresses the environment. Think of some lamp to be used on the ground, to create the right atmosphere.

Pay attention to the equipped walls. You know those furniture that houses everything, with the TV space, grid shelves on the left, a small cupboard under the television, a cabinet on the right and so on: they seem practical, but hide the trap of unnecessary storage. Often we end up filling every space at all costs, resulting in a chaotic disorder. Council for 2019 is to reduce everything to the essentials, and so there is even less to clean! The same goes for the maxi cabinets: less is more. When you have a large wall, do not make the mistake of furnishing it with small and insignificant paintings. Even if you are in possession of a masterpiece, try to find a way to enhance it, and certainly do not place it in the middle of a large wall, unless you live in the Louvre. Seriously, try to create an original combination of many frames and paintings, to give dynamism and movement to the wall without exaggerating. Curtains are useful, but they ruin the environment if they are not carefully chosen. Avoid printing and evaluate the option to buy small curtains, they do not have to rub on the floor.

Touch of style? Also take care of the choice of the shower curtain! Using old furniture, like those inherited or given away by an old and dear aunt is fine, but try to give new life to a new style, more suited to the environment in which they will be inserted. So the conscience is fine, but also the sight! If you enter the house you have an entrance, try not to leave it empty. It is the first impact when you enter the house, if it is bare and neglected it will transmit this atmosphere to the rest of the rooms. And speaking of rooms: every room in the house should be part of a composition that is as homogeneous as possible. Decorating every room with a different style could be fun, but having to live there for a long time risks creating confusion and making you feel relaxed. Perhaps this stylistic choice is more fun in a theme hotel! Wallpaper? Only if it's fantastic. If you have children, try to choose furniture and recreate an environment that is suitable for their tastes but not excessively bound to them, because they tend to change very quickly (but you'll know very well).

Attention to glass tables and tables. It is true that they certainly make the room elegant, but today they are rather demodé and above all they are difficult to clean: the mark of a single fingerprint remains imprinted!