Help your home with an app

If there are niggles at home that are stopping you from being able to relax and you just don’t know where to start to put them right, take a look at these apps which can help you find a solution for even the trickiest environment. 

Through real simulations which allow you to reconstruct a detailed house plan, insert or remove furnishings, you can understand how best to manage your space and transform them into welcoming areas customised for your lifestyle.

- Magicplan (for Android or iOS) allows you to design the plan of your house using the smartphone camera. Create virtual tours with 360° photos, export floor plans and digitally furnish each room. If renovations are planned, the application automatically estimates the quantity of materials (e.g. paint, tiles, flooring) and generates estimates based on the data of the survey plan (e.g. surfaces, walls)

- 5D Planner (for Android or iOS) allows you to generate 3D floor plans and choose from a catalogue of more than 3,000 items including furniture, appliances and furnishings. Once everything is included, you can create screenshots in high definition to print or save and share via social media.

- Roomle 3D and AR (for iOS / Android) is one of the best apps for home furnishing. You can easily draw floor plans, furnish and decorate your rooms and experience your design ideas live and in best Augmented Reality (AR) quality. Save the things you love and share your plans with friends.

- Homestyler Interior Design (for iOS / Android) allows you to place furniture and soft furnishings from real brands in a picture of your room so you can test how it will look before you commit to purchase. Images can also be saved and shared.

And while you're at it, if you want to change your appliances, choose those with very low energy consumption and think about the best place to put furniture in order to optimise heating.