Fun times with the family

It’s easy to think of fun things to do with the family during the summer when the sun is shining outside; day trips to the beach, BBQs, strawberry picking, long walks in the countryside – there are so many options! But now that the weather is changing, sometimes a little more inspiration is required to keep things interesting. 

•    Take a trip down memory lane with an old favourite film from your childhood. If nothing else, the kids will be entertained by the lack of special effects!
•    Have a break from digital devices by playing board games or tackling a jigsaw puzzle. If you’re short of space for puzzling you can always use the dining table and simply put a cloth over the top at meal times or buy a foldaway puzzle board which stores easily under the sofa.
•    Bake a batch of cupcakes or cookies which the kids can help to decorate – if they last long enough before they get eaten, that is!
•    Save the cardboard tubes from your Regina Blitz and use them for arts and crafts. There are all sorts of things which can be made from these handy tubes – castles, robots, rockets!