Wallpaper: yes or no?

Have you been staring at your blank wall and wondering if you should wallpaper it? We say yes! 

Wallpaper is the 2019 décor trend that you should embrace. From solid colour paper, waterproof vinyl, textured tnt or straw and bamboo for a natural look. You can use it to cover your walls in floral patterns or use printed paper or flock paper which has fuzzy velvet making your walls 3D. There are also animal prints, metallic effects or simple colour blocks.

Did you know wallpaper was first used in China in 200 BC? However, the interest for decorating walls started in ancient times. Men used to adorn their walls from the rock illustrations of the primitive man, who drew situations of everyday life, to the tapestries in castles during the Middle Ages, to the frescoes in Renaissance villas.

 But why should you try wallpaper?

•    The options and applications are endless. From being able to redecorate your bedroom to your kitchen. Or even adding scented wallpaper to your living room. 

•    Most wallpaper types are washable and easy to maintain. 

•    It can be easily replaced, especially with the peel-and-stick, or left for up to 15 years. 

•    It can cover up wall stains or uneven paint.

•    It’s a great way to bring your personality to temporary homes, such as rentals or halls.  

The possibilities are limitless with wallpaper all you need is some creativity. You can even use it in a frame and amaze your guests with your DIY skills. 

If you need some more inspiration you can visit the Museum of Wallpaper in Rixheim, France which displays the different types of wallpapers through time.