World Toilet Day

“A toilet is not just a toilet. It’s a life-saver, dignity-protector and opportunity-maker.” 

Every year, on the 19th of November, World Toilet Day is celebrated all over the world. This day is dedicated to raising awareness of people who don’t have access to toilets. In 2013, the UN officially recognised this day, setting itself the goal of giving everyone access to a toilet by 2030.

Currently, about 2.3 billion people live without toilet. Of these, 600 million share a bathroom with other families, while almost 900 million have no access to one. The absence of an adequate toilet can have drastic impacts on health, dignity, nutrition and education of adults, but above all children.

This year, the UN is focusing on the goal of "Leaving no one behind". Raising awareness to the dangers and numbers of people who are exposed to these insanitary conditions every day and cannot afford the privilege of using a toilet. Reminding everyone that a bathroom is not considered a staple good, but a luxury. World Toilet Day is committed to promoting concrete solutions to create a world in which everyone can have access to a toilet, eliminating social division and protecting health.

In the past, World Toilet Day has helped raise awareness towards the relationship between hygiene and nature, helping to develop hygienic facilities in harmony with the surrounding environment. As well as water waste and access to clean water.

On the 19th November, there will be numerous events taking place all over the world to raise awareness of hygiene and sanitation. To find out about events near you or how to support them head to their website