How often and how much to clean the house

Whether it’s warm, cold, summer or winter there’s always something that needs doing around the house!  And if you’ve had a busy day and decide to leave the chores for the time being, there will only be more to do the next day!

Being organised is the best approach, so that a quick clean up is hassle-free. Make sure you have the right products to hand and stock up before you run out of the essentials like kitchen paper!

The Good Housekeeping Institute shares some useful advice on those household chores which should be done straightaway and the ones that can be saved for another day.

-    Every day we should wash dishes, make beds and put dirty clothes in the laundry to stop bacteria and germs spreading.
-    The kitchen sink and sides should be cleaned each time they are used with products which don’t leave any residue of alcohol or bleach, making sure to change the sponge once a week.
-    Towels should be changed every three to four days and washed at a temperature of 60 degrees to permanently eliminate germs and bacteria.
-    Once a week we should clean the bathroom, do the laundry, vacuum the floors and dust the surfaces around the house.
-    Every month we should clean the oven, fridge and microwave, plus the windows if there’s time! 

However, there’s no need to become obsessive! Too much cleanliness can actually be harmful as our immune systems can become less resilient to germs, increasing the likelihood of allergies, especially in children. The perfect excuse to have a break from the household chores every now and then!