Upcycling – a fun way to recycle!

As many of us try to live more sustainably and minimise our impact on the planet, upcycling has become increasing popular as people take waste raw materials or old objects and transform them into useful items or even works of art!

The trend has undoubtedly been facilitated by tutorial videos online, particularly on YouTube, which share creative ideas and give top tips for all manner of upcycling projects.

But if you’re new to upcycling here are a few easy pointers:

-    As with any DIY or creative project, preparation is key, so make sure you plan ahead and have all the tools and equipment you will need to do the job to the end. You don’t want to have to interrupt your creativity with an urgent trip to the shops!
-    Use your imagination – old ladders make great places to display plants and old washing machine drums can be used to make great outdoor plant pots.
-    Go hunting for items in charity shops, at car boot sales or on websites like Gumtree and you’ll pick things up at a great price which might just need a lick of paint and a little TLC to become a thing of beauty.
-    Spend a little extra on good paint brushes as cheap ones will leave bristles and won’t provide good coverage. You can also wrap brushes in foil or clingfilm in between coats to keep them moist and then give them a good clean when the job is done.
-    Collect old socks to use for applying wax to furniture – just make sure they’re not too fluffy!
-    Protect all finished pieces with wax or varnish for longevity so all your hard work won’t go to waste.
-    Be bold and have fun!