Photo album: a bunch of memories

With fantastic cameras part of every smartphone, everyone now has the potential to be a photographer and the opportunity to capture any moment, no matter how big or how small. And, as a result, we now have memory cards, phones and computers full of pictures which rarely see the light of day!

After the initial popularity of digital photo frames in the 1990s, more and more people are now choosing to print their pictures again and share their memories in a more traditional manner. Photo albums are becoming popular again and there are many companies that offer a service where you can compile your favourite photos and get them printed in a book – perfect for commemorating that extra special occasion or collating lots of pictures for a sentimental gift.

If you’re feeling a little more art and crafty, why not try some scrapbooking? Instead of just sticking pictures in an album you can tap into your creative side and add items which complement the picture and help to bring the captured moment to life. Consider including tickets, scraps of wrapping paper or wallpaper, buttons, fabric, glitter or dried flowers. You can also add notes to the pages, describing your thoughts and feelings at the time or include quotes or poems. The options are endless!

Scrapbooking is also great for children and can provide the basis for a fun project. Take the children on a special trip to your local craft shop so that they can select all the things they need: the book, pencils and pens, stickers etc. and then all you need is some glue, tape and scissors and you’re good to go. What a great way for the kids to remember a birthday or holiday!