Bringing the outdoors in

Even if you don’t have any outdoor space you can still bring the benefits of nature into your home. Having plant life indoors has been shown to improve air quality by reducing carbon dioxide levels and  increasing humidity; reduce levels of certain pollutants such as benzene and nitrogen dioxide, reduce airborne dust levels and keep air temperatures down. Making your home a healthier place to be!

Although obviously not as natural as outdoor gardening, indoor cultivation does boast some positive aspects. The inside environment is not influenced by the seasons which allows you to control the conditions of the environment more precisely and protects plants from possible cross-contamination via the wind. An easy indoor plant-growing activity is to grow your own cress.

Great for salads but also a fun exercise to do with children as they can see the crop’s progress day by day.
Step 1: Place a few moist pieces of Regina Blitz kitchen roll in the bottom of a small pot or tray.
Step 2: Scatter garden cress seeds over the kitchen roll.
Step 3: Place the container or tray in a sunny indoor location, such as on a window sill.
Step 4: Water gently with a water sprayer on a regular basis to keep the paper towels moist.
Step 5: Begin harvesting the sprouts when they are two to three inches tall (about two weeks from planting), using kitchen shears to cut them about half an inch above the paper. Step 6: Allow the cress to re-grow and then cut again. You should be able to cut your cress four to five times before it goes to seed.
Step 7: Enjoy your home grown cress!