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We’re always looking for ways to make life just that little bit easier. Take a look at these lifehacks that are all inspired by Regina products!

•    Fix the cardboard core of a Regina kitchen roll to the tube extension of your vacuum cleaner and you will be able to get to all of those hard-to-reach places. 
•    Brooms which use electrostatic cloth to attract the dust are popular but the replacement cloths are expensive! Replace with Regina kitchen roll instead for a cost-effective and convenient solution.
•    Cool drinks extra quickly by wetting a sheet of Regina kitchen roll and wrapping it round the can before putting it in the freezer – it will take half the time! It’s also useful to keep a few sheets of wet kitchen roll in the freezer as these can be used immediately to treat small bruises or burns.
•    You can always have disinfectant wipes to hand by cutting a roll in half and inserting in a plastic container with water and disinfectant. Cut a cross in the lid and then feed the first piece of paper through so that the end is accessible. Secure the lid on the plastic container and your DIY disinfectant wipes are ready to use.
•    In a music emergency with no speakers to hand, fix two plastic cups to the ends of the cardboard core of a Regina kitchen roll so that the tube is inserted into the side of each cup. Cut a space in the middle of the tube to fit your phone and place the phone in the tube so that the microphone is inside. Music crisis averted!