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Keeping it clean

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There are so many benefits to keeping a clean house! A general sense of achievement and satisfaction, an improved ability to relax and sleep well, not to mention saving time by being able to find things straightaway.

If you feel like you’re always spending your weekends catching up on cleaning, try integrating these daily habits and you’ll soon find yourself ahead of the game:

1. Make your bed and the whole room will instantly look tidier.

2. Empty the dishwasher every morning so it’s ready and raring to go again that evening.

3. Clean up after each meal or snack, stacking the dishwasher and wiping down as you go.

4. Do a load of laundry every day and keep whites and colours separate so it’s already sorted. Use the timer function if you have one so it finishes as you get up or home from work, ready to be put out to dry.

5. Wipe sinks and taps after you finish getting ready in the morning to get rid of toothpaste smears and hairs.

6. Sort and recycle mail as it arrives so that you only ever have a small pile to file away.

7. Train everyone in the house to take off their shoes at the door. This dramatically reduces the amount of household dust and dirt.

8. Give counters in the kitchen and bathroom a quick tidy before bed so that clutter doesn’t have a chance to accumulate.

9. Pick up small items, such as hair and scraps of paper, from the floor in between vacuuming.

10. Sweep the kitchen floor before bed with a multi-purpose sweeper.

Little and often is the key here and it’ll be much easier to get the kids to help if the jobs are only small. Once the tasks are part of the daily routine, they might even do them without you having to ask!