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Caring for your dishwasher

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One of the best ways to keep your dishwasher happy is to run it regularly as this will stop debris from settling in the bottom of the machine. If you don’t create enough dirty dishes to keep your dishwasher in frequent use you can always use it to clean shelves from the fridge, grills from the hob or even some household items like door handles and hair brushes!

Try to keep the spinning arms clean by clearing out debris that has accumulated inside the holes with a small piece of wire or toothpick. It’s also important to regularly unclog and clean the drain but this will require unplugging the dishwasher, unscrewing the cover at the bottom of the machine and clearing out any blockages, so you will need to put a bit of time aside for this!

To keep dishes coming out of the machine sparkly clean you can also use acid to remove any water deposit build-up, particularly likely if you live in a hard water area. White vinegar, lemon juice or a lemonade mix will all work. Powders should go in the detergent dispenser but liquids can be placed in a bowl on the top rack. 

Although running your machine more regularly may seem less environmentally friendly, keeping your dishwasher clean and running efficiently will actually reduce the amount of energy it requires to run each cycle so it’s defintiely worth doing!