There’s an app for that - regina paper for peopleThere’s an app for that - regina paper for people
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There’s an app for that!

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Life is just so busy, there really don’t seem to be enough hours in the day! Have you ever come home from a long day at work only to find that the fridge is empty? The kids are asking, ‘What’s for tea?’ and there isn’t even anything you can scrape together into a meal? We’ve all been there!

Well, there are a few apps that can help so that you’re less likely to find yourself in those sorts of tricky situations.

Most major supermarkets now have the option to shop online with easy-to-use apps which do the hard work for you, offering the ability to save your favourites or repeat a previous order to make the job even quicker. Order your shopping whilst on-the-go or in a spare few minutes between meetings and you can make sure that coming home to an empty fridge is a thing of the past.

There’s an app for that - regina paper for people

Helpful App

For those days when you really don’t want to cook or you just fancy a special treat, why not try the JUSTEAT or Deliveroo apps which deliver food directly to you from your local restaurants. Perfect if you have a particular favourite meal or if you have people in the family who want to eat different things, simply place your orders with a few taps on the screen and dinner will be served straight to your door.

Amazon has come up trumps with a couple of technological innovations designed to streamline day-to-day tasks. Amazon’s Alexa is a virtual assistant utilised through an Amazon Echo or Echo Dot speaker where you can simply ask a question for a speedy answer or issue a task to be completed. Simply list items to add to your shopping basket as you think of them and Alexa will do your shopping for you. Though you will still have to pay for it yourself, unfortunately!

And for those specific, essential household items (like Regina Blitz, of course!), you can now purchase a Dash Button which you install in your home and, when pressed, reorders the product via a WiFi connection. Yes, there’s even an app for that!