Super fast cleaning at home - regina paper for peopleSuper fast cleaning at home - regina paper for people
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Super fast cleaning at home

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Have you ever been caught out by last minute visitors and realised that you don’t have enough time to get everything properly clean? With no time to lose, here’s how to clean your home in a Blitz!

7 tips on how to make your home cleaning fast

1. Think about where your guests will be spending their time.

It’s likely that you will be staying in the living room or dining room so focus on these rooms plus the kitchen and bathroom. Close the doors to the bedrooms and the study for now.

Super fast cleaning at home - regina paper for people

2. Scan the space from right to left.

When you find an object out of place, decide what to do with it immediately, carry out the action and move on to the next. If things are really chaotic, grab a bag and collect up all the items which are out of place so that you can store the bag out of sight until your guests have gone.

3. Swipe a sheet of Regina Blitz over the TV, paintings and photos, shelves and tables. Pop it in the bin and the dusting is done.

4. Forget about unreachable spots under the sofa and focus on the obvious open spaces with your vacuum cleaning.

5. Empty the bin and clear the kitchen sides as much as possible. Even if the hob isn’t spotless, the surfaces will look cleaner if they are tidy.

Super fast cleaning at home - regina paper for people

6. Give the bathroom mirror, sink and toilet a quick wipe with a piece of Regina Blitz and check that there is plenty of toilet paper.

7. Finally, spritz some of your homemade fragrance (or a store-bought fragrance) to make everything smell fresh!

Then it’s just time to relax and enjoy your guests!