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How to make a homemade doorstop

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As it’s getting colder outside, it’s tempting to keep all the doors and windows shut and locked to keep as much heat in as possible.

But that may be doing more harm than good. It’s important to get some fresh air into your home, even when it’s freezing, as bad ventilation can lead to condensation and damp which can make both you and your house ‘sick’.

Keeping a window or door open for just five minutes a day will significantly improve the circulation of the air in your home, so a doorstop will come in handy and can easily be created out of materials you’ll find lying around the house already.

homemade doorstop - regina blitz

How to make a homemade doorstop

A simple idea is to use an ordinary rock or stone which you can paint or decorate to make personal to you. Alternatively, take a small bag made from hessian or thick cloth and fill with stones or sand, sew or tie shut and you have a doorstop ready to use.

These can also be decorated in keeping with the season for Halloween or Christmas.

If you want something a bit different for the kids’ room, why not reuse some of the old books they don’t read anymore? Simply glue them together and wedge against the door – the thicker the better!

Let your imagination run wild and try to upcycle as much as possible around the house. You can get the kids involved for a rainy, weekend project and once you have perfected your skills you can even start to make them as gifts for others too.