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Cleaning for kids

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Kids always seem to have so much energy – if only we had half as much to help us with all the jobs that need to get done! 

Well why not get them to use some of that energy to help around the house? With these tips for making cleaning fun you’ll not only have a clean house but tired kids who will hopefully sleep through the night!

Cleaning and fun!

•    Play their favourite tunes so that they can sing and dance as they help – nursery rhymes, soundtracks to their favourite movies, the latest pop tunes – anything will do!
•    Buy a brightly-coloured mini cleaning set with a brush, pan and bucket and tag with name stickers – having their own kit will make getting involved much more appealing.
•    Hide treats around the house for the kids to discover as they clean – small packs of sweets and tiny toys will work well and are cheap to buy.
•    Set up a rewards plan – a chart with stars and treats for completed jobs is a great incentive to help out.

These ideas can work outside of the house too so why not get the kids to help with jobs around the garden or cleaning the car. Many hands make light work!