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International Friendship Day

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Most people have a special go-to friend. One that no matter the situation, will always make it better. Friendship is a value learned in the early years of our lives. We learn that we can’t live without it. We are also reminded daily of the importance of sharing stories. From our origins as cave people, coming together to socialise and create cave drawings, sharing is a fundamental aspect of living. It teaches us that we must be attentive listeners, empathetic and supportive. It stimulates personal growth and strengthens all the human qualities which are the glue of every community. Friendship is natural (even animals make friends) and is, along with love, one of the most positive driving forces in our lives.

It’s for this reason that in 2011, the UN established World Friendship Day, with the aim of encouraging solidarity between people. The United Nations took the opportunity to launch an important challenge: to support the Declaration and the Program of Action for a Global Culture of Peace, adopted by the UN Assembly in 1999. Governments, international organisations and civil society groups are invited to organise events and activities that promote cooperation and dialogue between civilizations. In the era of globalisation, where communication is supposedly simpler, it can actually be harder to connect.

Although it is celebrated on slightly different dates around the globe, 30th of July is the official date. But why not celebrate your friends every day?