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According to recent statistics*, the number of pets in the UK is currently at 51 million with 45 percent of the population owning some sort of animal. The most popular pet to have is, unsurprisingly, a dog and 26 percent of people choose a pooch as their perfect partner. The least popular pet is mice with only 0.3 per cent choosing them as a pet. Sorry Mickey!

Our love of pets translates into mega bucks for pet essentials such as food and accessories and in 2017 dog and cat food had an estimated market value of £2.5 billion.  It seems like a lot of money to spend on animal food but when you think of all the benefits of owning a pet it’s not surprising that we don’t think twice about parting with our hard-earned cash.

Animals are great therapy! Having a dog increases your likelihood to exercise as you’re committed to regular walks, whilst having a furry friend to stroke helps aid relaxation and eliminate stress. It’s also a great experience for children to have a pet as it gives them a taste of what it feels like to be responsible for something, teaches them to think of needs other than their own and helps them learn how to care for others. They are good company for the elderly too, who might live on their own and have limited interactions with others on a daily basis. 

But when it comes to keeping things clean, pets definitely add to the workload. Having more diverse bacteria in your home from your pet might have the benefit of helping you to get ill less frequently but it still needs to be kept under control! Having Regina Blitz on hand certainly helps matters as you can quickly wipe up messes and throw the paper away, keeping everything spick and span.