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Friends for 130 years

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Let’s take a look back in time to London in the mid-nineteenth century and a small apartment at 221B Baker Street, the home of a brilliant and cynical detective and the origin of a friendship which lasted 130 years. 

We are, of course, talking about the famous Sherlock Holmes who, with his friend John Watson, a loyal and patient war veteran, solves some of London’s most confusing cases in the stories created by doctor and writer Arthur Conan Doyle.

While the stories are works of fiction, the characters were actually based on real people. The character of John Watson is believed to have been based on William Smith who studied with Arthur Conan Doyle at the University of Edinburgh, and Professor Joseph Bell, another of their university peers, was apparently the inspiration for Sherlock Holmes’ character due to his incredible skills of observation. 

The relationship between the two gentlemen has become a symbol of great friendship and an example of the power held by mutual trust and respect. We think it is fitting that such an amazing friendship has been immortalised for us all to appreciate on paper!