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How to build the perfect sandcastle

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To the architect, the civil engineer, designer and negotiator; to the mums, dads and the extended family who strive to create building perfection. And to the children who find such amusement in… the sandcastle!

At one time we’ve all been children and had our own ideas of how the best castle should be created, and even better ideas of how it will be destroyed! Here are some of our tips to become the best beach builder.

7 tips to build the perfect sandcastle

1. Choose a point not too close to the shore: if the tide comes in too fast… all that work will be for nothing.

2. If you pitch up a distance from the sea, dig a hole deep enough to allow you to have wet sand within easy reach (give this task to the little ones who love digging).

The alternative is to give one child the very important job of collecting the water from the sea with a bucket.

How to build the perfect sandcastle - regina paper for people

3. Look for the finest sand you can find.

Do a test with a handful of sand in the bucket: if the water immediately becomes cloudy it means that the sand could have too much clay. The better the sand, the clearer the water.

4. Watch out for the quantity of water.

The sand should be moist but not stick to your fingers. But remember: the moister your castle remains, the better the end result will be.

5. Build a base first of compact sand, then give it shape once it has solidified into place and decorate how you like!

Top tip: for taller turrets that will hold their structure, use the cardboard core of your Regina Blitz!

6. Build a moat, but be cautious!

Don’t let the water start to erode your castle walls or else it’ll all come crashing down before the scheduled destruction time.

7. Sticks, coloured pebbles and shells work well to effectively decorate the exterior.

When dismantling the castle however, remember to distribute the decoration back around the beach and back into the ecosystem from which it came. Even the empty shells serve a purpose because they introduce precious mineral elements into the ecosystem.

Last bit of advice… have fun and spend time together. Happy holidays!