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Sharing is caring!

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The ‘sharing economy’ is a fairly new term that is now being used to describe the trend of sharing things like cars, homes or even pets, to save money, help the environment or improve quality of life.

Although the idea behind this trend isn’t actually new at all, as it was an integral part of early communities for neighbours to exchange any spare resources at their disposal for other things they needed, the development of new technology has made this type of sharing much easier.

A popular sharing activity is carpooling which is facilitated by apps like Uber and Waze.

Using these apps you can quickly and easily find people in your neighbourhood to share journeys, whether on a daily basis or just a one-off, to split the cost of fuel and reduce the impact of your trip on the evironment. In addition, you might even make some new friends!

Similarly, AirBnB is another sharing network but one which deals in accommodation. If you have a room in your home to spare but don’t want a full-time lodger you could earn a little extra money by renting it out on an ad hoc basis as a place to stay for visitors to the area.

Sharing is caring! - regina paper for people

Couchsurfing offers the same sort of service for those looking for accommodation and then there are networks like Mindmyhouse and House Sitters UK which help homeowners find trustworthy people to look after their properties and pets while they are on holiday.

It might seem a strange idea to share a pet but communities like BorrowMyDoggy offer numerous benefits for those involved. If you have a full-time job which would make owning your own dog a little tricky, this could be the perfect solution for you.

You can discover people in your local area who own a dog but need a little extra help and, in turn, you get your regular dose of dog therapy. It’s a win-win!

With more and more people wanting to eat organic and grow their own food, another trend which is on the up is garden sharing, where platforms like Lend and Tend bring people and gardens together.

In this highly digital age it’s refreshing to see technology assisting in bringing people together to build real-life, mutually beneficial relationships which can also help the environment.