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Reducing waste when on holiday

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Most people know what they need to do at home to help protect the planet. Reduce electricity and water consumption, recycle, minimise food waste etc. …but what about when you go on holiday? It’s not always as easy when you’re not in the comfort of your own home, but there are easy changes you can make when going away that will help reduce waste. Read on for a few of our handy tips.

Be prepared

If you have space in your luggage, consider packing your reusable insulated water bottle. Don’t forget, these can also be used for hot drinks! This way, you can help cut down on the number of disposable bottles and cups.

Refillable toiletries

Instead of buying miniature shampoos, shower gels and creams, get yourself a set of small refillable bottles or tubs. Fill them with your usual products and you’re ready to go! You can reuse these every time you travel, reducing plastic waste.

Say no to straws

Think, do you really need a straw for that drink? Nowadays, many establishments have now switched to paper straws, but if you don’t need it, simply order your drink without one. If you prefer to drink through a straw, you could always pack a reusable metal or bamboo one in your bag.

Opt for an ice cream cone

Enjoy ice cream in a cone. Choosing a cone over a tub and spoon means you generate less disposable paper and plastic waste!

Beach clean

Help keep the local area clean by picking up litter and putting it in the bin as you come across it.

Choose souvenirs wisely

It’s always nice to treat yourself or friends and family to some souvenirs from your holiday. When shopping, consider buying things that can be used or reused (like local edible treats, books or tote bags, for example), rather than insignificant objects that will soon be thrown away.