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Pay attention to your domestic appliances!

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Most of us have homes full of domestic appliances: fridges, washing machines, dishwashers, vacuum cleaners, juicers, blenders… the list goes on and on!

But whilst these things are all useful, it’s also important to consider their impact on the environment and try to make responsible decisions as consumers.


Of course a fridge is essential for our overall health and hygiene but there are a few things you can do to reduce the wear and tear associated with daily use.

Avoid ice and condensation forming by making sure that food is cool before putting it in the fridge, this means that the fridge doesn’t have to work so hard to maintain the correct temperature, making energy consumption more efficient. Clean walls, shelves and the seal at least once a month and position the fridge 10cm away from the wall so that the heat can disperse from the back correctly.


The dishwasher is another appliance that is in very frequent use and so can get caked in limescale and dirt.

Always rinse dishes under running water to remove the bulk of the residue and keep the salt topped up as this helps to retain the calcium and minerals in tap water which cause limescale.

Only operate the dishwasher when fully loaded and with lightly soiled dishes so that a quick wash at a low temperature (ideally, 50 degrees) will suffice.

Washing Machine

Similarly to the dishwasher, the washing machine can quickly become clogged with dirt and soap residue so it’s worth running a wash with an anti-scale product on a regular basis.

Making sure you don’t use too much detergent or overload it can also help lengthen the machine’s lifespan and occasionally extracting the drain filter and giving it a clean.


Keeping the oven clean by wiping regularly inside with Regina Blitz soaked in water and bicarbonate of soda will help to keep it working efficiently – make sure to check the fan is working properly too if you have one.

Vacuum Cleaner

And finally, the vacuum cleaner… The filter should be cleaned once every two to three months and the dirt compartment empties after every use. Removing tangles of hair and threads from the brushes will also help to keep the machine running efficiently and reduce the energy required to get the job done!