Keeping warm this winterKeeping warm this winter
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Keeping warm this winter

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Winter is coming and with it, comes the battle over the boiler, with those who want to save money on their heating in one corner and those who just want to be warm and cosy on the other. If both live under the same roof this can lead to some very interesting times indeed!

So here are a few tips on how to keep your house warm and keep everyone happy without spending a fortune on heating bills.

How to keep your home warm and efficient

Make sure you have your boiler regularly serviced by a professional Gas Safe engineer.

This will ensure that your boiler runs efficiently and cost effectively and is also less likely to break down, which can result in unexpected repair or replacement costs.

Keeping warm this winter - regina paper for people

Once you’ve got the boiler sorted, it’s important to keep all the heat in by ensuring your house is well insulated.

There are a few ways to do this: draft excluders at the base of doors are very popular as they’re cheap to buy or make; adjust the hinges of your doors and windows to ensure they are fitted properly to avoid heat seeping out through small gaps and check that your loft is insulated. You can even insulate your walls and floor to ensure a really thorough job!

Finally, keep an eye on that thermostat.

Ideally your home should be kept at the same temperature which should be approximately 20oC. Every time the temperature increases above this by one degree, it is estimated that you increase your bill by 7%!