How to reduce your bills - regina paper for peopleHow to reduce your bills - regina paper for people
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How to reduce your bills

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It’s the responsibility of all of us to look after our planet and protect it for the generations to come.

Saving energy around the home not only helps the environment but also reduces the amount we spend on our household bills, so why not try some of the tips below and see how much you can save?

How to reduce your energy bills

– Take regular meter readings so that you are charged for the energy you actually use rather than an estimated amount.

Insulate your loft and cavity walls to the recommended 270mm to prevent heat from escaping and wasting energy.

– Use a timer to ensure that you’re not heating an empty house.

How to reduce your bills - regina paper for people

You probably won’t need the heating on for as long during the week when everyone is out at work or school so you can set it to come on just before you get home.

Turn the thermostat down by just one degree and you’ll save energy without even noticing the difference – just grab a jumper or pop on some slippers if you’re feeling a little chilly.

– Make sure your boiler has an Energy Saving Recommended Label. More than 80% of home energy use is for heating and hot water so it pays to get a more energy-efficient boiler.

– When replacing electrical appliances, check their energy ratings and try to select A or A+.

Turn off lights when you’re not in the room and try not to leave appliances on standby.